QS World Grad School Tour Athens

Last Saturday I decided to go to the QS World Grad School Tour that took place in Athens (Greece) as I am interested in the prospect of continuing my studies if and when I get the chance. I was a bit hesitant at first due to several factors and me having other things I wanted to do, but at last I decided to go. When I went there it was packed, unlikely of what I expected; because I have gone to a few technical and educational meetups here in Greece and it was always less than 100 people. This time it was super packed.

It was easy for me to find the location, which was Hilton Hotel in Athens, I did have to ask a few people on where it is, but it was easy to get there and my first time to enter a Hilton Hotel. So I went in there and asked where is the QS Grad Tour; they told me to go straight ahead and I will see people waiting to be enrolled. Now, I was told (by what I read online) that I had to enroll online before I get there to participate, however when I went there it was slightly disorganized. I had to register for the 2nd time through a tablet I was given by one of the workers there, to get some numerical code that is needed in case the universities you visit want to send  you additional information. I stood in the line for about 30 minutes I’ll say. At the same time the seminars listed in the program were taking place but something I found odd was that it had a lot of empty chairs and there were many people outside. I didn’t really get what those people were doing outside, initially, but after my enrollment I decided to not go to the seminars but instead go towards where the crowd is. Well, that was the best decision ever! Haha, and if you go there please do yourself a favour and go right away to the universities area because you will miss out big time if you visit the seminar room first.

The first counter I saw was one from British Council who were in charge of the IELTS exam information, I actually know English as it is my first language (despite my grammatical errors here and there), but due to me doing studies in Greek I will have to do an IELTS or some equivalent English test in the future if I want to get into a European Masters program (I don’t know about the requirements outside the EU yet). After that I went to the GMAT counter to get an information on it. I couldn’t  find a GRE counter so I couldn’t get to ask for that. Then I went to a couple of other counters and finally found where the “CV experts” lounge. Can I say my eyes blinked with joy when I saw that? They took the CV/Resume of each participant (so it is good to have your CV with you if you go) and gave thorough feedback on it. I have got feedback on my resume several times in the virtual world, but this one was face to face plus free too. So I waited in the line for about 30-40 min i’ll say and finally I was able to get to the counter. I sat down (after filling some info for a resume makeover giveaway they had), and she looked at my resume and gave me some cool ideas. In fact, she told me some things I wasn’t told in my other assessments so this experience was enlightening and one that is so worth it.

I then went to some other places and as I waited in the line I was marking the universities i’ll like to visit. Read more

Trying timebox on hard todo tasks

I decided to give timebox a try. I want to study some things I find pretty much intimidating and the fear causes procrastination, so the goal here is to beat the fear one step at a time.

Everyone does not necessarily have procrastination as a trait (if could even be a trait), sometimes our procrastination is targeted on a specific duty. Many times it is because we are scared of that thing, we don’t have enough confidence in our capability of mastering it,  we are intimidated by it, we have a lot on our plate or we don’t really want to do it due to it being super boring. All these do sound as excuses but it is a reality of life, everything doesn’t as easy. Breaking that habit is a great achievement in itself.

There is 1 specific thing that I find it hard to study because I do not really understand it right now, but it is very fundamental for my future career. It is not that I don’t like to study it but It looks hard and that fear paralyzes my brain when I open up the book to read it. Call it my amygdala reacting or what not. Something happens and that is what we want to stop.

So I decided to try the 3 minute rule. Everyday at least 3 minutes. Like…that doesn’t suppose to be scary huh? And with the thousands of pages I have to study 3 minutes make it ages to finish, but starting a new habit is the goal so 3 minutes is the  to keep me going. As I improve 3 minutes will increase and if I feel like studying that subject more than 3 minutes I can but 3 minutes should be the minimum.

There are other things you can try like the 5 minute rule or the pomodoro technique. Starting really small is key when you have something that is really hard for you to keep doing. So you can try that with me if you like.

Let me break it down a little further as someone might not know what this really means. What can be done in 3 minutes? The 3 minute rule is just to get you  going. For example you want to work out, but for some reason you can’t keep up with it. Instead of pushing yourself till infinity, and that never happening, you break it into 3 minutes daily tasks to build your endurance,confidence, drive. Once 3 minutes becomes easy you increase it. In this work-out example you can start by just wearing your trainers in the morning. Then it can be wearing your trainers and walking around the house for 3 minute. Then once that is way too easy to do you can increase the task to 5 minutes – wearing your trainers and going for a walk till you reach the entrance of your home/flat. Then increase it till you are actually working out.  That takes time but overtime I believe it can help in overcoming tasks that are hard to start.


Have you tried this method before? What are the most effective ways you have tried to beat procrastination?