A bit about my thesis – Stage 0 – Arduino

The thesis I am working on is on has to do with several technologies. So far I have figured out that there are 4 techologies I am to work on

1) Arduino 2) Bluetooth 3) Android 4) Robotic Arm

Basically this is a mixture of robotics, mobile development, micro-controllers, switchers and the list can go on and on. The goal is to get a robot arm be controlled by an android phone through an “app” that I have to make, communicating with a bluetooth module. I also have to write a dissertation about it in Greek.

To make things simple lets say it is a mixture of hardware and software, which is something I like because I want to get involved with both before I graduate as my studies involved both.  It is good I challenge myself as much as I can. Right now I have worked with the hardware, below I’ll have a picture with some wires I soldered for the project showcasing my successful newbie skills 🙂 and a lil bit of my project. Few weeks ago my sister’s laptop which I use got its charger cable torn and I decided to fix it but I ended up making it worse and it never worked again oppose to it working after several tweaks. I tried to find a DIN connector and see if I could figure things out but I couldn’t find any in the electronic store so we had to get another one.

Soldering, even though my hand is pretty stable, is a bit hard for me because I find it challenging to get the solder melt and attach itself exactly on the place it was intended to fall to, and then we have the fumes and how tiny some components might be. Hopefully with time things get better. So far I Read more