Brief Progress Overview – Week #7 #8

Today I am noting a very brief overview of what I have been working on in the past two weeks…

What have you accomplished this week (list specific items accomplished)?

– Make sure the new feature is rendered in the template

– started writing test cases

What issues or roadblocks have you encountered this week?
– I have been having some errors while trying to run my simple unit test

–  There are a lot more fixes I need to work on than I thought.

Have they been resolved, and if so, how?

– The unit test errors are still there but I am working  on resolving them

– I need to find a way to properly use analyzers just for the tags

Do any of the issues or roadblocks still exist and what steps have been
taken to resolve them?

– Yes I need to fix some bugs that lead to wrong related results i.e. use analyzer

I have discuss it with my mentor and  so far we decided I first get the unit test working, then

I work on fixing the bulk indexing and lastly we work on the analyzers before we move on

to anything additional that might come up.
How does your progress compare to your project schedule?

On schedule I believe, but I have a lot more things I need to soon complete.

Coming up with a rough prototype! – Week #5 #6

These past two weeks I have been able to come up with a rough prototype.

There are a lot of things to fix and polish. It happened that my elastic search query is kind of buggy and not returning the expected results, so I need to tweak some things right there and make sure it is functioning as expected. I now officially see events in my view sorted out nicely based on their relevance scores.

events in display
Displaying the relevant events in the view.

If you check the URL you’ll see the event I am looking for related content on is called something like “Club Firefox Australis”. Based on the elastic search query I showed the previous time.

I said “The query above scans an index and returns files that have a minimum of 1 similar term frequency and a maximum of 5, in the event titles.” The query I am currently working on looks a bit different because it was refactored and I had to write it with a more appropriate syntax.  The way it is now written, it checks for similarity in the title, channels and tags of the event. Here is a snippet of how that has changed. Read more