Brief Progress Overview – Week #9 #10

This week i’ll give another brief overview. It is getting more and more busy which makes long blog posts pretty challenging,

at least till the internship starts getting towards a successful end. I really hope things go as well as I want them to, in the next weeks.


What have you accomplished this week (list specific items accomplished)?


– Went back to basics. Stopped working on what I was working and instead tried to make it work in plain python.

– Things seem to be functioning well in the plain python file.

What issues or roadblocks have you encountered this week?
– I have been having some errors while trying to run my simple unit test

–  Trying to get the most relevant posts appear higher.

Have they been resolved, and if so, how?

– The unit test errors which was there last week is on its way to being resolved.  In the next week or so.

– The most relevant post issue seems to be fixed, but needs further testing. It was resolved by implementing  a negative boost in elastic search more like this query.

Do any of the issues or roadblocks still exist and what steps have been
taken to resolve them?

– Yes I need to fix some bugs that lead to wrong related results i.e. use analyzer

I have discuss it with my mentor and  so far we decided I first get the unit test working, then

I work on fixing the bulk indexing and lastly we work on the analyzers before we move on

to anything additional that might come up.
How does your progress compare to your project schedule?

A bit behind of where I want to be I think. It is time to speed up kind of.

2 thoughts on “Brief Progress Overview – Week #9 #10

  • August 8, 2015 at 3:18 am

    Kill this unit test bug! *-* ︻┳デ═— – /X\(‘-‘)/X\
    (Its a spider, I didn’t find a flying bug in Ascii art xD)

    • August 8, 2015 at 7:46 am

      Now that’s called creativity! Ha ha. You reminded me of Grace Hopper and the “bug”.
      I have to get rid of it so things run smoothly. Few more weeks left! Good luck to both
      of us!


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