My First Greek Coding Boot Camp Experience

This week I went to Founders & Coders coding boot camp that happened at “The Cube” in Greece. Two of their developers decided to come to Greece for the boot camp, and that was really nice of them because I don’t see a lot of such boot camps existing in Greece. What I would really love to see in Greece is an algorithms and data structure coding boot camp 🙂 I am learning that right now and I will be blogging my experience or solutions as I do so in the next weeks.

It was a super busy week. Coding in the morning, coding in the afternoon, coding in the evening, coding at night, and coding at midnight, actually coding almost all day with the exception on when I was writing a blog post I’ll talk of another time.  I was able to balance this with my official last days of my internship which I will talk of in another post.

So Founders & Coders is a 3 month boot camp with the aim to equip you to become a software developer. I don’t have much experience on which level can an absolute beginner get to after such boot camp but that is something for those interested in it to figure out. The one that happened in Greece lasted one week, so I believe it was probably a small portion of the actual full curriculum. Founders & Coders is located in London, UK and is FREE to attend if you get selected for a 3 month batch. You just have to make sure you have your own accommodation and things needed to live in London if you get accepted, and that you follow the steps given in the application process before applying. You can check it on their webpage yourself.

I know some basic programming(at least), but I try to brush up my skills from ground 0 several times till I am sure I understand the basics well, I wanted to meet other people interested in programming, and I really wanted to learn how to use APIs plus anything else I could. So that’s why I decided to attend, also because I wanted to spend my summer honing my coding skills some more. The classes were from 10AM – 4PM with one generous break. Let me mention in the past 2-3 months I have also gone to 3 company visits. Nokia, eWorx and ZuluTrade but I haven’t blogged about that. I saw Nokia data centers in Greece and it was so beautiful! I really like the climate of a data center, it looked fascinating.

Day 1:

Was HTML and CSS. We did a short theory and then moved on to following some steps given on how we should create our own website. I won’t really show the website I made because I don’t think it looks as good as my current one 😉 well, it takes time to build beautiful things but at least it was a good exercise. I realized I need to get better on CSS positioning because that is something I have a hard time with sometimes.

Day 2:

We did some JavaScript. To me here is where things started getting interesting. We did a mix of theory – problem – solution at each step and I liked that approach the most. We used an online compiler to solve some programming questions  and also did pair programming. We did pair programming in the way where one tells the other what to type. However, in my case we also discussed it a bit because some things lead to errors and those points needed discussion on why it didn’t work and how to make it work between me and my teammate.


Day 3 & 4:

We did jQuery and AJAX on both days. We used iTunes API and Flickr API. That was an interesting thing to learn. I liked the project I did with the iTunes API. I didn’t make its CSS but It fetches tracks from a specific user and allows you to play its preview. You can check my code on that on GitHub repository here – iTunes Previewer. I also got the chance to present it. Yay!


Day 5:

We worked on extending the Flickr API or trying to use Instagram API. I spent a lot of time thinking of what to do  or helping others which resulted me in not doing much for the most time. In the end though I plugged  in some boostrap and make it a tad bit beautiful. However I wasn’t able to make a button click delete a specific image so that is something left for me to figure out. I tried jQuery child – remove, parents/parent-remove but that didn’t work. However my project grabs pics from Flickr, has some nice looking bootstrap buttons, has a clear button that functions (with the individual clear buttons not functioning yet) and it has a text field through which you note what element it should return you pictures of.

Gloria Looking at Code

It seems Flickr API brings in unrelated pictures sometimes. I am not sure if that is because someone placed the wrong tags on those pictures or it is a bug, but Google Images works a lot better on relevance! Maybe Instagram or Pinterest image search might do well too, I am not sure. However this all was a good learning experience.



1. I got myself starring in a cartoon! An awesome classmate did that on one of our breaks. Check it out below i’ll link her behance too:

cartoon of me

Artist: Daphne VasilaBehance Profile

2. We were asked to switch teammates everyday! Now that’s a sure way to exercise teamwork, networking, and get out of your comfort zone. I think that was a very good move and if I happen to do some type of classes sometime in the future I will strongly consider implementing that.

3. I met several interesting people from various fields/backgrounds, and there were a lot of females interested or curious about coding as well!

Overall I really enjoyed the experience!

picture of the bootcamp class

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