Outreachy Internship Week #11 #12

So this week ended well, I was stuck with some minor bugs for quite some time. After discussion and pair programming with my mentor those were very tiny mistakes that caused huge problems. However after finishing resolving that and me thinking “Oh great now I can move on” the next day I got some odd error!

I am proud to say that my project involved a lot of code but a lot more debugging! Getting stuck is very common and I learnt that is one of the aspect of programming. Before I thought it was all about, getting a project to do. Flawlessly coding it and it works! Not hours of debugging. Eventually, when you try to add a new feature into a huge code base and the major tool you are using is new to you. This stuck – unstuck cycle gets pretty common.

If you followed my previous posts, I have to tell you that the code  I showed back then is totally changed. The same with how it all looks like.

On Saturday I decided to do some work. There are few weeks left! Actually less than 2 weeks so it is time to accelerate.

I fixed all the pyflake errors but I now seem to get a “cucumber” error. I didn’t install cucumber testing tool, but I did do rebase and fetched the current changes from airmozilla master. Which leads me to think that, that is what cause the issue.

Now I am doing a type article + code session, to resolve the problem live.

>> ImportError: No module named celery

My solution was to install Celery: pip install celery

THAT happened to NOT be the solution because as soon as I installed that, I got…

>>ImportError djcelery: No module named djcelery

My solution to that was to install django-celery: pip install django-celery

Now my tests run but come out failed. Did I say it was working the day before Saturday?

The most interesting thing of all is, things were working well a day before then I turned off the laptop and the test were not running the next day.

Isn’t that odd?

Well, it’s time to get off and try to resolve this so I can move on with writing tests.


3 thoughts on “Outreachy Internship Week #11 #12

  • June 17, 2016 at 8:56 am

    I’ve read your internship experiences and honestly, this whole thing seems amazing.
    I have been wanting to work with Mozilla for Outreachy for quite some time now. Can you give me any pointers on how to get started? I’ve been to bugzilla and it’s quite overwhelming. I know programming but I really don’t know how to “solve” any of the bugs, even the ones marked “newbie”. Any help is appreciated! 🙂

    • June 19, 2016 at 6:12 pm

      Hi Ramya,

      If you are looking to intern at Mozilla at Outreachy I suggest you start looking on the current available projects just to test the waters. However know that each cohort is not the same, projects change, so contributing to a project thinking it will be in the next Outreachy round might not yield the best results, it is a good way to practice though. The first thing to do is figure out what project are you interested to contribute to. Then check its readme file if it is on Github or its contribute.md file if that is available. Usually these files give an explanation on how to get started. One tip I will give you concerning not knowing how to solve the bugs you see is that you should first try to understand the codebase at hand before trying to solve something related to it. That helped me a lot. I hope this helped.

  • June 20, 2016 at 9:08 am

    Thank you for the great advice! Going to start working on it 🙂


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